Essential Grooming Tips For Men

While some men may be content with looking like the heroic Wookie that helped defeat the Death Star, many prefer a more clean, professional, and well-groomed look. Whether it is for work, athletic purposes, or simply for the ladies, more and more men are beginning to eliminate body hair, tame their bearded locks, and are just taking better care of themselves overall.

Believe it or not, many guys who groom are not doing it correctly. Chances are, most grooming routines are stuck on autopilot: men brush, shave, and shower just enough to create the same level of presentability day after day. However, grooming routines shouldn't be ‘just going through the motions’. They should be maintained and reevaluated from time to time. Showing a little attention to detail can make a huge difference in appearance. Whether you haven’t really groomed before or you are tired of the same boring results of your current grooming routine, don’t sweat it. We put together a quick guide to help you improve your grooming game.

What exactly is men's grooming?

When many guys hear “grooming,” they generally think of taking a razor blade to their facial hair. While this is a part of grooming, it is only a small portion of the overall picture. In fact, men’s grooming is an extremely broad topic. In addition to facial hair grooming, men’s grooming also entails grooming and care of head hair, chest hair, body hair, plus skin and body care.  

The importance of men’s grooming

Skin and body care is an essential aspect of health that guys often tend to overlook. Many men choose to groom because it makes a good personal impression, but grooming goes far beyond that. Grooming can help improve appearance, hygiene, and skin as long as you have a good routine in your arsenal.

Grooming tips to add to your routine

Men’s grooming is much more than just lathering on some shaving cream once a week. In fact, a portion of men who think they are grooming efficiently can do much more. A well-groomed man will not only look better, he will feel more confident, respected, and clean. The next time you start your grooming routine, consider the following tips to add to the mix.

1. Take care of your scalp

The secret to every great head of hair is a healthy scalp. Most men don’t think to care for their scalp beyond shampooing and conditioning, but often times that is not enough. Having an unhealthy scalp can lead to dandruff, or worse, hair loss. When showering, try to avoid using hot water as it can damage the scalp. Also, avoid using too much shampoo and conditioner. That’s right, you don’t need a glob of shampoo to effectively clean your hair. Two fingertips’ worth should be sufficient enough. When applying shampoo and conditioner, be sure to massage it into your hair thoroughly with your fingers and rinse accordingly. Be sure to continue rinsing your hair to eliminate any remaining residue.

2. Tame the beard

Having a beard is cool, but unless you enjoy looking like Prince Vultan (any Flash Gordon fans out there?) it is essential to keep it groomed and under control. Your beard is hair and therefore it should be cleaned to keep it looking and smelling great. Uncared for beards can quickly become frizzy, smelly, and out of control. To start, wash your beard with shampoo and conditioner. If you a thick, Leonidas-like beard you will want to invest in both a wide and narrow tooth comb as well as a bristle brush to comb through your beard and remove any tangles or knots. This will not only make your beard easier to maintain, it will also help it look its best. Finally, the icing on the cake is applying beard oil. Beard oils are used to help hydrate and style beards and it will keep them looking dapper.

3. Trim nose and ear hairs

Nothing is more distracting than a few hairs poking out of someone’s ear. And, the nose and ears are a neglected area in grooming that many men fail to address. If you think nose hair isn’t a concern, check out this statistic: According to a study, 46 percent of women claimed they would rather talk to a guy whose breath reeks than a guy who has a few hairs sticking out of his nostril. Don’t let that statistic bring you down if you currently have a bush sticking out of your ears or nose, simply use motorized clippers or fingernail scissors to trim those pups until they are out of sight.

4. Shower daily

Showering every day is probably the easiest grooming method you will come across. It doesn’t take much time, thought, or energy and it will keep you from developing some serious B-O. By showering daily, you won’t need to use as much deodorant or cologne to cover up any body odor. Don’t forget to invest in some nice smelling soaps, too. Showering each morning is a good habit to get into as it can help wake you up before that cup of coffee. If you are active throughout the day or go to the gym in the evening do yourself and everyone around you a favor and shower afterwards.

5. Don’t skip manscaping

Ah yes, manscaping: a term created to describe the action of trimming off excess body hair for aesthetic reasons. Some men don’t have much body hair at all, while others look like a walking carpet. Either way, thick body hair, especially on the chest or back, is not a sight for sore eyes. We’re not suggesting that you shave off all of your body hair so that you look like a pre-adolescent schoolboy. All you have to do it trim your body hair when it becomes too long. Keep the grass trimmed or you’ll eventually have a forest!

6. Keep your hands clean.

Sure, a man is not afraid to get his hands dirty, but others will likely be grossed out by them. Nobody will want to “put er’ there” if your hands are greasy, sticky, or darn-right filthy. It’s okay to get your hands dirty, but do yourself and everyone you come in contact with a favor and keep your hands clean. Don’t forget about your fingernails, either. Be sure to clean underneath your fingernails when cleaning your hands as dirty fingernails are cringe-worthy. Be sure to trim your nails when they become too long, and please — whatever you do — avoid biting them. This is a bad habit to develop. Instead, file your fingernails to ensure they are smooth and well-maintained.

7. Drink up

If drinking a cold one was good for skin health, plenty of men would have glorious skin. Unfortunately, that is not the case. But by drinking at least two liters of water each day, men attain more glow to their skin. Drinking water helps detoxify our body, eliminating toxins, helping shed dead skin cells, and promoting skin elasticity. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. If you really want to hydrate your skin, try drinking coconut water, which is rich in antioxidants and potassium.

We hope that the tips above will give you a step in the right direction during your grooming routine. By following these types you will not only look better, you’ll feel better and more confident, too. Keep an eye out for our next blog, as we will continue the trend and share additional tips that essential for grooming.

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