Tips For Finding The Best Groomsmen Gifts

Marriage. It’s one of the biggest decisions men will ever have to make. Choosing someone to spend the rest of your life with is no easy quest, but once achieved it can lead to a lifetime of fulfillment. Certainly, marriage is a rather large step to take and, for many grooms out there, it can be nerve-wracking. Being the center of attention, expressing one’s vow, and saying “I Do” in front of hundreds of friends, family, and distant relatives you haven’t seen since the family reunion over 13 years ago, there’s no wonder why getting married can make a guy a little nervous.

Luckily, as a groom, you’ve got your groomsmen’s there to support you through the process of tying the knot. Your groomsmen are your closest pals, buds, amigos — however, you want to say it, you can rest assured that they will be there for you on your wedding day as you start a new chapter of your life. These top-notch fellas often tend to get overlooked, but their participation and support is something that cannot go without appreciation. Your groomsmen are essential to your big day, and as the groom, it is important that you acknowledge their friendship and support. Most grooms show appreciation to their suited comrades by giving them unique groomsmen gifts.

Tips For Finding The Best Groomsmen Gifts

It can be challenging to think of groomsmen gift ideas — what can you give them to show your appreciation for standing by your side on your big day? You’re not alone; this is a question that many grooms struggle with. Unlike bridesmaids, you cannot just get champagne and sparkly jewelry as a gift. No, they deserve something better. They deserve the best groomsmen gifts ever! From best man gift ideas to groomsmen gift sets, we put together some tips for finding the best gifts for your guys!

Focus on Quality and Practicality

Most men like things that are useful. We don’t need anything sparkly or soft, we like to keep things simple and practical. This should be kept in mind while searching for cool groomsmen gifts. The more practical you can be, the better. In addition, men will appreciate a gift that is high-quality. Instead of purchasing a bunch of cheap trinkets and items, a meaningful and high-quality gift will be much more appreciated.

Set a Budget

You’ll likely hear the word “budget” tossed around more times than you would like during the wedding planning process. From the venue, catering, photographer, and other important vendors and details, creating a wedding budget is important. When setting the wedding budget, the cost of both groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts are often forgotten. However, it's good to set aside enough cash to show them you appreciate their service and steadfastness. While you don’t want to take so much money out that it gouges the budget, you want to ensure you have enough to get each guy in your wedding party a unique groomsmen gift.

Consider The Needs Of Your Groomsmen

Let’s be honest, how many times are your guys really going to use that brandy flask engraved with your wedding date? Once, maybe twice at most? Look, while those types of gifts are elegant and stylish, the truth is they don’t really serve a function whatsoever. Think about it, do you see guys carrying around personalized flasks these days? Probably not. Those are the type of groomsmen gift ideas that will end up deep in a closet or drawer collecting dust. When shopping for groomsmen gifts, it is best to look for items they will actually use. Consider the personal habits and interests of groomsmen, and look for something they may not have realized they need or wouldn’t purchase for themselves normally. These gifts will be appreciated much more. For example, a unique mens grooming kit is something that every man can use and enjoy consistently.

Buy Personalized Gifts

Just because we think a personalized flask isn’t the best gift for groomsmen you can find, it doesn’t mean that all personalized gifts are a bad idea. In fact, some personalized groomsmen gifts will be appreciated. There are plenty of different gifts you can personalize, but its best to consider the hobbies and interests of your guys when selecting gifts. If your groomsmen are old college roommates or maybe played on the same sports team, maybe get them something that has the same colors of a certain school or team. Are your guys beer drinkers? Maybe getting them a personalized beer mug is the route to go. The opportunities of personalized gifts are endless, but keep in mind that these gifts are considered to be a momentum of your friendship and appreciation, so it is important to select something thoughtful if you are going to make the gift personalized.  

Consider A Groomsmen Gift Box

Look, we get it. Wedding planning certainly keeps you busy. Finding the time to go out and shop for groomsmen gifts is something you don’t have the time for. When this is the case, groomsmen gift sets and boxes are the way to go. Not only do they offer convenience, but most gift boxes will come with items that groomsmen actually need. Unlike your cliche gifts, gift sets and boxes make unique groomsmen gift ideas! There are plenty of gift boxes out there, but if you want to get your guys one of the best groomsmen gift boxes you can't go wrong with MachoBox. MachoBox is one of the most popular subscription boxes for men, coming out with some of best men’s grooming products.

Additional Tips: Things To Avoid

  • Don’t let your soon-to-be wife choose the groomsmen gifts. This is something that shows your appreciation to your best friends and pals.
  • Avoid giving your groomsmen a gift that is all about you. As cute as it may be, your guys will not want anything with your engagement photo or a monogram of you and your fiance’s initials. Trust us, don’t do it.
  • Don’t settle for men’s wedding gifts for groomsmen that are cliche. You’re better off getting your guys a case of beer or a gift certificate to their favorite chain restaurant than an overused, cookie-cutter gift. Instead, think of unique groomsmen gift ideas!

Choosing the right gift for your groomsmen may seem like a small task among all the other major decisions that need to be made during wedding planning, but your guys are an important part of your big day and deserve a fitting gift or reward. Consider the following tips above to make choosing the right gift for your groomsmen much easier.

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If you are struggling to find a unique groomsmen gift that is of high quality and practical, MachoBox is exactly what you need. MachoBox is one of the most popular subscription boxes, sending some of best fitness and men's grooming products right to the doorstep. Our men's subscription boxes make the perfect gift for groomsmen. Give MachoBox as a groomsmen gift box and your guys will have the essentials they need to get ready for your big day and to stay well-groomed and stylish in the following weeks. With products from Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, BVLGARI, and other premium brands, your groomsmen will be sure to appreciate their gift. Interested in getting your guys the best groomsmen gifts? Order them MachoBoxes today!

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