The Machoest Subscription Boxes For Men

There are many things a man can do to become macho, from busting out some reps at the gym, growing a beard thick enough that it can house wild animals, or even maintaining a solid grooming routine to look their best. However, without the right products, it can be difficult to reach the ultimate level of machoness. Do you think Chuck Norris became his badass self magically? Maybe, but we like to think that in addition to his guns and tight jeans, he was equipped with some of the best men's fitness supplements, grooming supplies, and other products to contribute to his machoness.

There are plenty of products out there that can help a man look macho, but finding the right ones is often a quest many guys don’t want to take. Going to the supermarket, looking through various brands, and paying outrageous prices for products is not something we want to spend our time doing. Luckily, there is a solution that allows men to try these products without having to leave their house or spending their entire paycheck; Machobox.

What Is MachoBox?

Machobox is a men's subscription box that was created to provide men with essential products that the everyday guy would use. Whether they wear a suit or jeans to work during the week, this subscription box for men is for every type of guy. Our monthly men's subscription box is equipped with the products to help every guy look their best. Unlike other popular subscription boxes, Machobox gives you the option to go month-to-month or save some cash with three-month and six-month subscriptions. What’s more, Machobox gives men the opportunity to try products from premium brands before buying them in-store. Indeed, this men's subscription service can benefit any guy out there looking to up their level of machoness.

How This Monthly Subscription Box For Men Works

Machobox makes it easier than ever to get premium fitness, skin care, and men's grooming products sent right to your doorstep. No having to go to the store. No having to wonder what products are going to work the best. We like to keep it simple. Wondering how you can get our monthly subscription boxes sent to you? The process is easy.

Step 1: Choose Your Subscription

Machobox has three different plans available for men’s monthly subscription boxes. You choose the subscription that best suits you. Whether you order Machobox as a pay as you go,  month-to-month subscription, or want to lock-in and save some dough with a three-month or six-month subscription, you can assure that you’ll get a variety of products that you won’t be able to wait to try out. Additionally, limited edition subscription boxes are available for purchase — no commitment necessary!

Step 2: We Assemble Your Subscription Box

Once we get your order, we’ll curate your subscription box, adding products and items from some of the best fitness, skincare, fragrance, men's grooming lines, and more inside the box! You’ll find both full-size and sample-size products inside. We’ll ensure your Machobox is sent out for shipment within 48 hours of your placed order. If you reside in the US or Canada, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs for each box, we’ve got you covered. After receiving your first box, subsequent boxes will be sent out on monthly, within two days of your recurring payment date. If you subscribed for a three or six-month subscription, boxes will be sent out within the first week of every month.

Step 3: Machobox Arrives At Your Door

Within just a few days your Machobox will arrive right at your door. Your reign of machoness has begun! Inside, you will find at least three products, premium grooming supplies, and products that you’d find on the shelves at salons and barbershops, men’s nutritional supplements to keep you large and in charge, and other items that every guy will enjoy using.


The Benefits Of Subscribing To Machobox

We get it. There are subscription boxes for just about everything and anything. So why should you choose Machobox? Let's take a look at a few of the benefits you get when subscribing to one of the most popular subscription boxes for men.

Free Stuff

Who doesn’t love free stuff? With Machobox, getting a bunch of new items in a box every month can certainly make you feel like you are getting a lot of high-end items and products for free while only having to pay the service charges. Not to mention, what’s inside each box has more worth than the monthly fee you pay, essentially saving you money and earning yourself some free items.

Premium Men’s Grooming Products and More

MachoBox arrives at your door every month often with a nutritional supplement, one or more hair products, a skin and body care product, and a select fragrance product from some of the leading brands and names that often can often only be found at high-end hair salons and retail stores. Instead of wasting your paycheck paying full-price, Machobox allows you to try these products and items before purchasing, that way you can ensure you like them before going out and buying more.


Having items delivered to your door automatically each month can really save you some shopping time. You don’t have to get in your car, drive to the store, browse several aisles, etc. All you have to do is hop online, subscribe, and you’ll have the convenience of essential men’s grooming products sent right to your door. Plus, you don’t ever have to worry about running out of products, as new ones will be sent with each box.

New Items Each Month

Even the macho-est men love getting new things. It’s exciting, it gives you a sense of happiness, and you get some new things to add to your daily routines. Don’t lie, you know you love that feeling of walking up to your house and seeing a box waiting at your door, who doesn’t? What’s more exciting, you won't always know what is going to be inside — so not only is getting new items part of the excitement, but the surprise of not knowing what you may find inside, but knowing you’ll be able to get good use out of it — makes it all the better! Sure, you can always drive to the store and purchase something, but there really isn’t any fun and excitement in that. Machobox gives men a fun and unique subscription box experience like no other.

Cancel When You Please

Unlike some of the popular subscription boxes you hear about, Machobox allows subscribers to cancel anytime. If for some reason you decide Machobox is not right for you, once your subscription is finished you can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

What’s Inside A Machobox

The best thing about our subscription box for men is that it comes packed with premium goods that you’ll get good use out of. Inside each box you’ll find a variety of products and items, including men’s hair products, men’s skin care products, nutritional supplements, and fragrance products — all to help men look and feel their best, and most of all macho. Each box contains premium products from popular and prestigious brands. That’s right, this box doesn’t contain some no-name products, but only high-end items that typically would be found in salons where it costs more than $30 for a haircut. Each box will contain at least four — we often throw in some extra bonus gifts and full-size products from time to time— products and items. What's more, each box is worth a minimum of $50 dollars. Talk about saving some serious cheddar. At Machobox, we are committed to putting only the best of the best inside each box we ship out. Now we don’t like to spoil surprises, but we suppose we can let you in on a little secret of what you might find inside. Let's take a look at some of the brands that we include in our monthly subscription boxes for men.

Uppercut Hair Products and More

Inspired by the timeless style of the 1950’s barbershop and its founder, Willy O’Shea, Uppercut Deluxe is an Australian-born brand that uses the finest ingredients to offer high-quality men’s grooming products without any fancy doodads. With products like Uppercut Deluxe shampoo, Uppercut Deluxe soap, Uppercut pomade — which has been reviewed as the best hair pomade for men — and more, you’ll be equipped with essential grooming products to add to your arsenal. This line of grooming products was formulated and tested by barbers and is ideal for men looking for a high-quality product. Throw in some Uppercut into your grooming routine, place your bets, and enjoy fight night like it’s the 1950s — put up your dukes!

XPN Protein Products

If you consider yourself to be macho, you more than likely put in some hours at the gym. With Machobox, you’ll find the essential men’s fitness supplements inside that you need to stay clanging and banging. With XPN whey protein, you’ll get the ingredients that you need to maximize your muscle and workout routine. With items like chocolate, vanilla, and blueberry flavored protein and an amazing protein shaker cup, you’ll enjoy testing these products out along with your workout routine.

Tame The Beast®

Tame The Beast® is known for its line of men’s grooming products with arousing scents and energizing properties. Tame The Beast helps men gain the confidence of a lumberjack and the musk of a roaring beast. Using ingredients such as eucalyptus, ginseng, green tea, guarana, and pomegranate, these products emit masculine, all-natural, and botanical scents. Inside a MachoBox you may potentially find Tame The Beast Shampoo, body wash, aftershave, and other essential grooming products to tame your mane, stay clean, and smell as fresh as the deep northwoods air. Tame the Beast products are free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Synthetic Color, Paraffin, Gluten, Sodium Chloride, Petrolatum, and other harmful ingredients, so you can rest assured that you’re using natural men's grooming products derived from the great outdoors.

Billy Jealousy Grooming Products

Since launching in 2004, Billy Jealousy has been providing men with efficacious grooming products that offer a solution to their everyday needs. The brand has won multiple awards in many prestigious magazines, such as GQ, Men’s Health, Esquire, and many more. Billy Jealousy's award-winning grooming products are created with only raw materials and PETA-approved formulas, so you can ensure the products you are using are eco-conscious and ethical. Inside Machoboxes, you may find Billy Jealousy Shampoo to keep your mane fresh and clean, or you could even get a Billy Jealousy hair product, such as wax or hair putty.

Other Products and Items Inside

You’ll never exactly know what’s inside each monthly subscription box, but that's only part of the fun. However, in addition to the brands listed above, you can expect to find some of the following products.

  • Men’s Fragrances. We know how important it is to smell fresh, clean, and macho. Many of the monthly subscription boxes we send out include premium men’s fragrances, such as Dolce & Gabbana cologne, Versace Eros, and more.
  • Men’s Skincare Products. In order to maintain your skin’s macho glow, you need the right skincare products. You may find shaving cream, men’s face wash, men’s anti-wrinkle cream, or a face mask to help keep your skin in great condition.
  • Beard Grooming Products. Nothing screams macho like a well-grown beard. That’s why we often toss in beard care products to help keep your whiskers looking their best. With items like beard pomade, killer beard oil, and other beard styling products, you’ll be able to achieve a beard that attracts attention, gets respect, and isn’t average like the one on your brother-in-law.
  • Men’s Nutritional Supplements. If you enjoy spending time pumping iron, you’ll appreciate the variety of fitness supplements for men that are included in our boxes. Protein powder, BCAAs, and other nutritional supplements are a few of the many items you may find inside.
  • Machobox contains the grooming essentials that men need. Stocked with a variety of premium products from prestigious brands, Machobox will be appreciated by just about any guy, which is why if you aren’t getting one for yourself, this men’s subscription box makes a great gift.

    The MachoBox Gift Guide


    Machobox is for just about any guy out there looking to up their game when it comes to having the right products to look and feel their best. Get Machobox for yourself or as a gift for one of the guys in your life; either way, whoever’s doorstep this subscription box shows up on will be on their way to machoness. Give this monthly subscription box for men as a gift to the guys in your life, check out when Machobox can come in handy and eliminate the hassle of gift shopping.

    Gifts for Dad. Who says dads cannot be macho? Whether you need a birthday gift for dad or a unique father's day present, Machobox is the way to go. It’s time for dads to skip the three-in-one hair products and upgrade their grooming regime with premium products that they likely would not purchase for themselves. No matter what the occasion, Machobox is a great gift for your dad.

    Unique Groomsmen Gifts. If you are tying the knot, finding a gift for your groomsmen is a great way to show your appreciation. Machobox makes a great groomsmen gift box, providing them with premium products that they will use, they can even be used to get ready on the big day.

    Gifts For Your Significant Other. Many women use Machobox as a gift for husbands, boyfriends, and significant others. Shopping for a sig-fig is a bigger challenge than it seems, so keep it simple and get the important men in your life a gift you know they will use and enjoy.

    Graduation Gifts For Guys. Ah, graduation. A time of celebration, beginning a new chapter and further growing. Help the recent grad in your life battle the future stenches of studying till’ four in the morning and stay fresh and clean with the premium grooming products inside Machobox.

    Gifts For Friends. If you get by with a little help from your friends, show them appreciation by surprising them with a Machobox. With at least four prestigious products that they likely wouldn’t purchase themselves, this makes a great gift for your male friends.

    Because MachoBox includes great products for everyday use, giving this men’s subscription box as a gift is a great idea that will save you time and money!

    Try MachoBox Today

    If you are ready to try one of the most popular subscription boxes for men, subscribe today! In just a few days, you’ll have a Machobox awaiting your unboxing, containing some of the best hair, beard, and skin care products for men that you have ever used. So what are you waiting for? Begin your reign of machoness and try your first Machobox subscription today, you will not regret it!

    Join the #ThatsMacho Campaign

    We’re looking for the macho-est of the macho-est. If you are a Machobox subscriber, we want to see a video of how you unbox the premium grooming products and items that are inside each box. Skip the box cutter, Jack. We’re not looking for your traditional unboxing video. No, we want something more macho. Join the #ThatsMacho campaign for a chance to be featured on our website and social feeds. Joining is simple:
    1. Subscribe to MachoBox online, choosing a pay-as-you-go, three month, or six-month subscription.

    2. When Machobox arrives at your door, record a video of you opening it in a way that any macho man would, with pure, natural strength!

    3. Upload your video to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag ‘#ThatsMacho’ and tagging @machoboxes for a chance to be featured on our site!


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